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2017 Mattress Selection Guide

Depending on your sleeping styles, the type and size of mattress that’s suitable for you will vary too. For people who tend to sleep on their sides, the ideal mattress would be one that isn’t too firm and that has the ability to relief the pressure that’s exerted on their sides. Obviously though, if you can afford a larger sized mattress, get it. King sized mattresses, for example, are perfectly suitable choices even for people who sleep on their own. Take a look at these best king size mattresses if you are thinking of getting one for your bedroom. Basically, the need to maintain the natural curvature of the spine is paramount and that can only be possible if the mattress isn’t too firm in the first place. As a general rule, memory foam mattresses are great for this purpose since they have some very excellent pressure relief capabilities with their highly adjustable firmness levels.

If you’ve tried sleeping on a memory foam mattress and it still feels too firm for you, you should seriously consider getting an innerspring mattress instead. These mattresses are usually a lot softer and feels more comfortable as a result.

luxurious king size mattressAs for stomach sleepers, the contention is that the firmer the mattress, the better it is since they’ll need a lot of support so that the stomach area doesn’t sink into the bed. In the event that were to happen, the spine will be curved backwards in an unnatural position and you’ll end up with some serious back pain problems over the long run. Innerspring mattresses are certainly not ideal if this is your usual sleeping pattern. Similarly, if you sleep on your stomach often, memory foam might not be a good idea too, since there’s very little airflow that goes through the mattress and you’ll feel hot and suffocated when lying face down on the bed.

For most of the people around the world who sleep on their back, you should find a balance between the two. Nothing too firm and certainly nothing too soft either. In these circumstances, you would definitely do a lot better by trying out the mattress before buying it. If you don’t feel perfectly comfortable for one reason or another, you should immediately opt for another.

Occasionally, there are couples that do not agree on the same type of mattress since everyone has their own personal preferences. Some might prefer a firm and solid feel with their mattress while another might insist on getting the softest and most comfortable mattress around. In such an instance, the best way to settle the differences is to opt for a highly adjustable mattress that offers various firmness options on different sides of the same mattress. The only options here would be an air or a water mattress.

Air or water mattresses (or beds, for that matter) are some of the most flexible options that you have since the different sides of the beds can have a varying level of firmness without affecting the other. This means that one side of it can feel as fluffy and soft as a feather bed while the other side can be customized to feel as hard and solid as a rock, whichever you prefer. With this, you no longer have to argue with your partner on whether it’s better to sleep on a firmer surface or otherwise.