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Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses To Use In Your Bedroom Today!

Aircraft cushions needed a major safety revamp in the 1960s and therefor Yost was contracted by NASA to develop memory foam. It was named temper foam and was created by pumping in gas into polymer resulting in solid cells which could move together as one, just like liquid. The material also had the ability to return to its original shape after the pressure that is placed on it was relieved.

Due to its fantastic ability, memory foam was used in practically everything you can think of. Its greatest claim to fame is being used in the medical industry. Memory foam mattresses were a wonderful solution to bedridden patients who could not toss and turn in bed without assistance. When a patient lies in the same position for prolonged periods of time, pressure points will form. The foam could absorb the pressure of the body weight and spread this evenly resulting in a relief of pressure points. Lack of pressure points resulted in less bed sores for patients.

Memory foam is now widely used as mattresses and pillows. This overall best memory foam mattress 2017 has all the great qualities of memory foam, i.e. support and comfort. The heat retaining property of a memory foam mattress makes it a great material to sleep on during cold days. Some people may complain that it gets a little too hot when sleeping for long periods of time on memory foam mattresses. Mattress companies have responded to this complaint by incorporating material which encourages airflow and could wick away body moisture effectively.

memory foam mattress topperMemory foam technology got better and better over the years and it is uncommon nowadays to hear of complaints. The latest generation of memory foam is able to release body heat faster and return to its original shape in half the speed. The new ones are also much softer than the original. Some companies have even incorporated charcoal, aloe vera and green tea extract into their memory foam mattresses. These naturally eliminate odors and function as an aromatherapy to improve sleep.

As discussed earlier, memory foam is made out of millions of solid cells. This makes it much denser and heavier than other mattresses. Transporting a memory foam mattress therefore becomes nearly impossible without proper heavy lifting tools or a couple of men. It may not appear so; however a normal memory foam mattress can weigh up to double the weight of a normal spring mattress. This should also be a consideration when choosing mattresses as it is considered good practice to flip and rotate your mattress every couple of months. A memory foam mattress may thus require more strength and energy to rotate.

Since the quality of a memory foam mattress changes according to heat, many users may find their mattress to be too firm when initially using it. However, after lying on it for approximately 20 minutes, the foam will begin to soften and become more comfortable. This may not suit everyone as not everyone can wait 20 minutes for their mattresses to become soft. That said, memory foam mattresses are very good for light sleepers. They are very quiet and will never creak like a normal spring mattress would when your partner tosses and turns in bed.